Operational Advocates Supporting Injured SOF
The OASIS GROUP provides Active Duty/Veteran SOF personnel
with access to accredited service officers who assist with analyzing their claims in
pursuit of Veteran\'s Administration Benefits.

What We Do

The OASIS Group

Our goal at The OASIS Group is to ensure that all active duty/Veteran Special Operations personnel have access to accredited professional analysis of their claims in pursuit of Veterans Administration benefits.

The OASIS Group assists the Special Operations Warrior through its comprehensive understanding of the Veterans Administration processes and systems to ensure fair and thorough evaluation.

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You have earned your Veteran’s Benefits.  We fully understand that.  The paperwork that goes along with filing for your well-deserved benefits can be overwhelming.  We work with you, the Active Duty/SOF veteran personnel in analyzing and completing your Veteran Administration benefits paperwork

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Beyond analyzing your paperwork, we also guide you in understanding the decisions you receive from the Veteran’s Administration.  Furthermore, we advise you as to the best course of action that you will need to take if you are not happy with the decision handed down by the Veteran’s Administration


We provide support to the Active Duty/SOF veteran community through our seminars that are held throughout the country.  Additionally, We also provide support by maintaining a strong presence with fraternal organizations’ events, conventions and reunions.

Benefit Informational Seminars

The OASIS Group holds veteran benefit seminars around the country.  These seminars cover topics related to benefit information.  These seminars also advise veterans of the latest changes in veteran’s benefit information as well.

The OASIS Group also conducts personal interviews with current servicemen and women as well as veterans at many of the seminars.  Seminars are posted to the website blog and you can also view upcoming seminar information on our Facebook page.

Upcoming Seminars

Informational Seminars June 22nd and 23rd 2016 7th SFG
Informational Seminars June 22nd and 23rd 2016 7th SFG

1800-1930 Jun 22 0900 – 1200 Jun 23 7th Special Forces Group, Auditorium Bldg...

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Upcoming Events


OASIS will hold its first-ever golf tournament on the 29th of July 2016 at the Capitol City Golf Course in Lacey WA.

Visit this link to register early to play or to become a sponsor!

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The Amazon Smile program donates a portion of your final purchase amount on Amazon to The O.A.S.I.S. Group at no extra cost to you!  Visit this link to begin using Amazon Smile to help our veterans!


The OASIS Group has teamed with these preferred partners to provide services and benefits to our clients and to their families. Their financial donations help us to continue to help them. Please support our partners and be sure to refer to our website.

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