File a Claim for CRSC


File a claim for Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

a. CRSC or Combat Related Special Compensation
– CRDP or Combat Related Disability Pay

Please follow this link for related information.

b.  With regards to CRSC, the separate services have Retirement Service Officers (RSOs) at almost every major installation whose job is to assist with the paperwork.

c. For more information follow these links:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service Website Combat Related Special Compensation

U.S. Army’s CRSC Website

U.S. Navy’s CRSC Website

U.S. Air Force CRSC Website

TRICARE Combat-Related Special Compensation Travel Benefit

A TRICARE Combat-Related Special Compensation Travel Benefit fact sheet can be found by going to this link:  TRICARE Combat-Related Special Compensation Travel Benefit

If you are a retiree and your Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Board has awarded you Combat-Related Special Compensation, you may be entitled to the CRSC travel benefit. This benefit provides reimbursement for travel-related expenses when you must travel more than 100 miles from your referring provider’s location to obtain medically necessary, nonemergency specialty care for a combat-related disability.

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